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When you think Cartier, you think of watches, diamonds, and jewellery. Having been in the business for a hundred years, one would wonder how this very prominent and distinguished brand came to be. Because of its simply elegant esteem, it can not just be bought by anyone, and its beauty is neither garish nor tasteless.

Simply put, a Cartier boasts of elegance and class.
If one wants clear-cut sophistication and refinement, one goes to Cartier. The best cut diamond, most excellently chosen for your bride to be. Currently, being used to create the crowns and tiaras of royalty all over the world, specifically courts that of the countries like Spain, Siam, Greece, Portugal, Russia, and several others, Cartier simply designs the quiet elegance and knows how to come out with the perfect concept.

How did Cartier find its mark in the world?
This French jeweller and renowned watch manufacturer, came to be really famous in the watch making industry when, then aviator, Cartier Tank Watch Replica of Brazilian descent Alberto Dumont did not want the burden of having to constantly check the time using the pocket watch.

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Cartier took the challenge and created a wristwatch and first came the Cartier watch that became the very first wristwatch that launched Cartier in the manufacturing of time pieces. The “Santos” was the beginning. Santos Dumont Replica Watch - This became the first of the men’s wristwatch copy Ferrari Watch. If you are thinking why it was noted as the first men’s wristwatch, it is because Patek Phillipe made the first female wristwatch.

Let’s go through the history of this very famous name. Louis Francois Cartier took over the workshop of his master in eighteen forty-seven, and started the empire that grew into the name that it is now. Although it was his son, Alfred, who took over the company’s administration, it was his sons Jacques, Louis, and Pierre who made the name as famous as it currently is.

They were then able to create the first wristwatch for men, and this “Santos” wristwatch was the beginning of the long list of watches specifically created that had the Cartier touch. Cartier Top.

The different sons then moved to create Replica Cartier Tank watch branches all over the place. Louis had the Paris branch, Pierre established the Cartier branch in New York City, and Jacques took over the London branch for Replica Cartier watches company.

By the year nineteen sixty-four though, with the death of Pierre, the sons and daughter of these three brothers decided to sell the businesses.

In the year nineteen seventy two though, a group of businessmen and investors led by Kanoui felt that the ‘Cartier, it is a must’, hence, the concept “Les Must de Cartier”. Famous Cartier Tiara with fake watches NYC Cartier replicas in Canada, UK, USA. It simply made people feel that the Cartier is a brand that has existed through the years, and it just can not get lost in oblivion. Cartier Imitation Watch Roadster - It is simply something one has to have.

By the year nineteen seventy four and seventy five, Cartier branches in London and New York existed again. The Cartier Monde was thus created, and this controlled all three main branches, that of New York, London and Paris.

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