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Omega Seamaster Replica Based in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, Omega SA is a company that produces first-class timepieces. The Swatch group is presently the owner of Omega SA.

It was in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1848 where Louis Brandt founded Omega’s predecessor, he was 23 at that time. The local artisans provided the parts which Louis Brandt put together to make watches. His principal market was England, where he traded his timepieces from Italy to Scandinavia.

Louis Brandt died in 1879 and following his death, César and Louis Paul, his two sons, decided to adopt the total production control and the in-house manufacturing, and to stop the assembly workshop system that was dissatisfying. In January 1880, the company relocated to a small factory in Biel/Bienne because the place had a larger supply of communications, energy and manpower. In December of the same year, the entire building was bought. The company then moved into a factory in Gurzelen, still part of Biel/Bienne, two years later. The head office is still located there until now making Replica Omega Watches and Omega De Ville New York Replicas.

Paul-Emile Brandt, 24, and four other young people were left with 800 employees and 240,000 watches that are produced yearly, after the death of César and Louis Paul Brandt in 1903. Brandt was a great creator and planner of Omega. From 1925, to the fusion of Tissot and Omega, until their merger to SSIH, Brandt had worked diligently.

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Omega Seamaster Replicas

Whether you like Agent 007 James Bond or dream of being an astronaut, Omega has prepared watches for you. For those who want to be the famous British secret agent, you can have the Omega Seamaster. For those who cannot let go of their dream of going into space, you can buy the Omega Speedmaster. The Seamaster watch is waterproof up to 600m and it is protected by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal casing. However, the watch does not serve as a remote detonator and laser source.

The SSIH Group flourished and increased under the leadership of Joseph Reiser and Brandt from 1955. They absorbed or established 50 companies including the popular Omega chronograph movements’ makers, the Lemania. The SSIH had come to be the world’s number three manufacturer of watches and Switzerland’s number one in the 1970’s.

SSIH was greatly affected by the depression of 1975 until 1980, and in 1981, SSIH was rescued by the banks. Other watch manufacturers were also affected and after the restructuring of the companies financially, Allgemaine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie AG or ASUAG’s and SSIH’s Research and Development departments united the productions operations at the Granges’ ETA complex. The holding company, ASUAG-SSIH was formed when the companies merged in 1983.

Omega Ploprof ReplicaThe History of Omega Watches Private investors took over the company two years after the holding company was formed. The company was then named SMH or Société de Microélectronique et d’Horlogerie. This group came to be one of the foremost manufacturers of watches in the world over the following decade. It was in 1998 that the group was called the Swatch Group, the producer of Omega, Breguet, Swatch, and Blancpain.

The development of the Calibre 2500 was a success in 1999 and that same year, Omega achieved a record when they launched the invention of George Daniels, the first mass-produced timepiece with co-axial escapement. Omega Replica Planet Ocean Watch New York USA, London UK and Ontario Canada.

Luxury Watch Omega released the new Calibres with two axial movements, the Calibres 8500 and 8501 on January 24, 2007. Omega Ploprof Replica watches.

When “Buzz” Aldrin wore the Omega Professional Chronograph, it became the first timepiece on the moon. Omega released the Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Moonwatch in 2007, to commemorate the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph’s 50th anniversary. Omega offered it in a limited edition for $5957. And even in the movies James Bond 007 Omega Replica Watch was featured on the wrist of the most famous UK spy.

Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster replica copies with free worldwide delivery to UK, USA, Canada and all EU countries. Omega De Ville copy New York.