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Gucci Replica Watch The House of Gucci or Gucci is a strong pillar in the Florentine and Italian fashion scene. It also makes leather goods. Its founder was Guccio Gucci, and the company was first established in Florentine in 1921. The Gucci brand is one of the most recognizable brands of luxury goods. The House of Gucci is one of the companies under the umbrella conglomerate of Pinault-Printempts-Redoute (PPR) Gucci Replica Watches.

In 2008, the company was said to have raked in US $9.8 billion according Business Week magazine. Gucci is the number one top selling Italian brand in the world. It has 425 stores in the world. Its usual distribution is through upscale department stores and franchisees.

Gucci Replica Watch History. Gucci was established by Guccio Gucci in 1921. In 1938, Gucci opened a boutique in Rome. He was the principal designer of the products sold by the company. In 1947, Gucci made the first bamboo handbag which is still sold until now. Replica Gucci 114 Watch the 1950s, he designed the company’s trademark striped webbing made out of saddle girth, metal horsebit, and suede moccasin.

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Gucci and his wife, Aida Calvelli, had sons Vasco, Urgo, Aldo, and Rodolfo who managed the company. In 1953, Gucci died and his sons took over. Aldo promoted Gucci internationally, with the first step of opening the first boutique abroad in New York. Rodolfo directed the company. The family though had trouble being together at certain decisions. There were disagreements about money and inheritances. Gucci expanded into the Far East in the 1960s. Store branches were also opened in Tokyo and Hong Kong. With all these expansions, the GG logo was introduced.

Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly were fond users of knockoff Gucci products. In 1970s, Gucci almost became bankrupt due to family misunderstandings. In 1979, Aldo produced the Gucci Accessories Collection to help the sales of Gucci Parfumes sector. Instead of helping the company though, GAC just pulled it down. The Parfumes sector made good in the market. Replica Gucci Watch was thought of as a tacky brand, which further pushed it to the verge of bankruptcy.

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After Rodolfo’s death, his 50% shares were inherited by his son, Maurizio Gucci. Maurizio combined forces with Paolo, Aldo’s son, to control the Board of Directors. Maurizio saved the company by bringing outside talent into the company.
Maurizio brought in Dawn Mello as Executive Vice President and Creative Director Worldwide. Domenice de Sole, Geoffrey Benee, Calvin Klein, and Tom Ford were also tapped.
The early 1990s was the leanest time for Gucci Inspired Watches. When after three years, the company still failed to raise its sales, Maurizio sold his shares to Investcorp in 1993. Tom Ford became the creative director. Along with De Sole and Mello, they developed a new image for the company.
De Sole tapped Pinault-Printemps-Redoute for a strategic alliance. This diluted the shares of Gucci.
When Ford left, three designers continued to manage the company – Alessandra Fachinnetti, John Ray, and Frida Giannini. Ginnini, 32 years old, is the current Creative Director of the whole brand since Fachinnetti and Ray left the company after creating the 1993 Gold Gucci Watch.